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Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Rihanna Asks Fans To Help Her Pick Next Single On Twitter!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 01:00 PM PST

With as many potential hits as there are on that album, we don't blame her for needing some help picking her next single!

Rihanna apparently just couldn't decide what track off of Talk That Talk to drop next, so she took to Twitter to ask her fans to help her figure it out!

She wrote:

"I need answers!!!! #NEXTSINGLE #TTT"

And after many quickly wrote back - the top choices were Cockiness (Love It), Watch N' Learn, and Drunk On Love - RiRi responded:

"Ok DONE!!!! I like what I see...and decisions are MADE!!! #NEXTSINGLE.

"And we on da same page...(For the most part)"


We much prefer this usage of the social networking site than possible thinly-veiled messages of love to abusive exes, gurl!

Now what is your official choice for the next song?!

We say Drunk On Love! And don't forget Red Lipstick!

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Posted: 31 Dec 2011 12:30 PM PST

Steven Tyler and his fiance, Erin Brady, partaking in some sort of ceremony who is said to be a local religious official, at his new home in Maui!

Uh-oh! Is someone already tying the knot?

We wonder how his family will take THIS!

The Saturdays' Rochelle Wiseman Is Engaged!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 11:30 AM PST

Just wonderful!

The Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman announced today that she and her boyfriend, JLS singer Marvin Humes, whom she has been seeing since March of 2010, have gotten engaged!

She writes via Twitter:

Its official Marvin proposed 2me 2day,wanted 2 tell u b4 some1 else did!SO excited 2 b Mrs Humes.x


And look at that rock! Holy shiz!

Congratulations, you two!

We can't think of a better way to start the new year!

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LiLo Means Business! Fires Cease-And-Desist Letter To Company Claiming She's PAArtying In Dubai For NYE!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 11:00 AM PST

'Atta, gurl!

Lindsay Lohan is NOT happy about reports that she'll be pAArtying it up in Dubai for the New Year, and has even had her lawyers fire off a cease and desist letter to the company planning the event on the QE2, demanding that they stop using her name to promote it!

According to attorney Stephanie Ovadia, the actress "will suffer harm and damage" by using her without permission, and she will press charges if necessary!

Fair enough! We've been very proud of how committed she's been as of late to getting her act together, and are happy to know that this story was just nonsense!

Hopefully they'll stop the name-dropping and no further legal action will need to be taken!

[Image via WENN.]

Nelly Furtado Talks New Album In 2012!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 10:30 AM PST

We are SO excited for Nelly Furtado's new album!

Check out the singer discussing the creative process behind recording her new, English-language album, T.S.I., which is due out in 2012, and collaborating with producer Salaam Remi for her new sound (above)!

Oh man!

We LOVE the stuff that he's done for Amy Winehouse and Nas, and we imagine that his aesthetic will lend itself well to Nelly's vocals!

This is going to be awesome!

What do U think?? Are U looking forward to T.S.I.?

DMX Has Another MINOR Run-In With The Fuzz!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 10:00 AM PST

Well, this isn't something you hear every day!

DMX was pulled over last week by authorities, but this time - he was let go!

According to law enforcement, the rapper received a citation for not wearing a seat belt while driving with his assistant in Hollywood, but that was it!

And X himself explains:

"Just a minor ticket no biggie. A quick learning lesson about not wearing a seat belt. I will handle and pay for it. This would be the only reason I come in contact with the police because I am a changed man."

We are certainly glad to hear that, boy!

But please remember to wear your seat belt!

It's for your own safety, after all!

[Image via WENN.]

Katy Asked Russell To File For Divorce - As To Not Upset Her Parents!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 09:30 AM PST

Well...at least he didn't blindside her!

Although Russell Brand was the one spotted filing the court papers to divorce from Katy Perry after a year of marriage, apparently, the singer was the one who wanted him to - so she didn't have to deal with the wrath of her religious parents!

According to sources, the two have been in trouble for the past few months, but wanted to do their best to work things out. However, that just wasn't going to happen, so Katy asked Russell to "officially" end the marriage, because her folks are evangelical Christians and raised her to believe that divorce is wrong.

Happy to know that things have been kept amicable enough for him to at least agree to help her out!

Such a shame, though!

Stay strong, you guys! You're both in our thoughts!

[Image via WENN.]

Britney And Jason Spend NYE In NYC!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:30 AM PST

Brr! It looks cold!

Britney Spears and her new fiance Jason Trawick were seen all bundled up as they spent the day shopping in New York on Friday.

The couple spent the holidays in NYC where they went out on the town for a friend's birthday at The Darby - and Brit was even serenaded by the band with a cover tribute to her song Toxic! Aaah!

The two will also stay in the city where they will spend New Year's Eve together! Good choice!

As they strolled down the streets of New York, Brit Brit showed off her sparkling engagement before popping into a deli where they picked up some grub.

Gotta keep our Brit Brit satisfied, you know!

You two look so happy! We have a feeling that 2012 will be one of Brit's best years yet!

P.S. Could that...wait....could that possibly be a baby bump that Britney is sporting??

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

Commercials We STILL Remember From Back In The Day

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:00 AM PST

We have a feeling a lot of U will be scouring the pages of YouTube for these commercials after you check out these photos!

Get ready for some serious nostalgia, and...............

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to view an OMGtastic gallery of commercials that we STILL remember from back in the day!!!!!!!

James Van Der Beek LOLs With Chelsea Handler!

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 09:01 PM PST

James Van Der Beek is becoming quite the little comedian, isn't he??

In the above clip from E!'s After Lately, a very cocky James plays celeb rank with Chelsea Handler and one of her staffers Chris Fanjola.

HIGHlarity ensues! Check it out!

P.S. James is looking really yummy, right??

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Etsy Round-up: 2012 Calendars

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 10:12 AM PST

Because you’ve had one too many puppy calendar and aren’t ready for nuns having fun, here are some calendars no one else in your dorm will have hanging on their wall. And you can take a first step with your new years resolutions of supporting independent artists.

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Beyonce Maybe, Could Have, Might Have Had Her Baby

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 02:52 PM PST

There’s been so much controversy surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy I forgot there would eventually be a little Carter to welcome. And now it seems she’s arrived. Maybe.

Reports began popping up on Wednesday that Beyonce had gone into labor, and now the rumors are getting a lot more specific. Supposedly little Tiana May Carter was born yesterday, December 29th at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Still, Beyonce and Jay-Z haven’t released any statements, pictures, or celebratory tweets confirming their daughter’s birth, so this could all be a mistake, and the couple is laughing at the headlines while playing with their two-year-old twin boys they haven’t got around to announcing either.

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Russell Brand and Katy Perry Are Getting a Divorce

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 12:37 PM PST

As if to balance the glut of celebrity engagements this week, Russell Brand and Katy Perry have decided to end their marriage.

Russell is the one who actually filled the papers and issued a statement confirming he and Katy are going their separate ways saying, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

The two have been married for a year and two months, which seems like eons compared to the latest celebrity divorce between Sinead O’ Connor and her husband of 16 days.

It’s must be particularly tough for this official end to come so close to New Years, as both Russell and Katy will look at a single 2012 when they thought they’d seen their last single new year.

I’d like to offer them advice to cheer themselves up, but I normally get over a breakup by watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall and blasting “Firework,” so….

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Russell Brand files for divorce from Katy Perry, how shocking (not really)

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 12:46 PM PST

Opposite of shocking, party of two. After a lot of reports about their crumbling marriage, it looks like Katy Perry and Russell Brand are over. Who would have thought? Oh, right. Everyone. The only thing that is somewhat shocking is that it looks like Rusty is the one who is pulling the plug.

A year after their fairy-tale wedding in India, it seems Katy Perry and Russell Brand won’t be living happily ever after.

Brand, 36, filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Friday, citing irreconcilable differences.

“Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage,” he said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

The Superior Court filing, which lists Perry by her given name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, does not list a date of separation.

The pair have been spotted without their wedding rings in recent days amid reports they spent the holidays apart, with Perry in Hawaii and Brand in the U.K.

The California-born pop star, 27, and the British comedian-turned-actor began dating in 2009. Brand popped the question four months later, and they were married in October 2010 in a lavish ceremony – that included two elephants as well as acrobats and jugglers – at a luxury resort in northern India.

In the early months of their marriage, the two were giddy in their compliments to each other.

Perry called Brand her great man of God, while Brand said his spiritual and emotional connection to his bride made him “love everyone.”

In Redbook’s April issue, Brand said he had been more than happy to give up his partying ways to settle down.

“I think I was ready for it,” he said. “If you’re wild, like a wild animal, marriage won’t contain you. I think that’s how a lot of people get into trouble.”

But in recent weeks, they faced a drumbeat of rumors of trouble in their marriage. Both laughed off the reports, with Brand telling Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month, “I am really happily married.”

[From People Magazine]

Look, I’m not one of the people who is going to pretend to get all sad about this. This union had “disaster” written all over it. The single biggest signal for me was that Rusty & Katy got married on literally their only free week in a year full of competing schedules. Just after their wedding, Katy was promoting her album and on tour, and Russell was promoting and shooting films. And when they were together, it was constant fighting and bickering, despite the denials and photo ops. The writing was on the wall during the VMAs in September, when Katy was wasted (and talking about how wasted she was) and Russell was only there to discuss Amy Winehouse and sobriety. Disaster. Oh, and I totally think Russell was screwing around too. He and that blonde were looking very friendly.

Oh, and they can both eat a bag of dicks for announcing this late on a Friday before a holiday.

Photos courtesy of WENN.
wenn3485579 wenn5640483 wenn5585397

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The Young, Black, and Fabulous

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

YBF KIDS: Laila Ali SHOPS With Baby Sydney + Halle Berry LUNCHES With Nahla

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:14 AM PST



YBF moms Laila Ali and Halle Berry were spotted out in Cali with their daughters yesterday. See pics of baby Sydney and tot Nahla inside.....


Boxer Laila Ali was spotted knocking out some shopping in Calabasas with her 8-month-old daughter Sydney yesterday.  Looks like it was just the girls as daddy Curtis Conway and big bro Curtis, Jr. weren't there.

The mommy/daughter duo picked up a few items from Sundance Boutique.  Precious!



And over in Malibu.......

Halle Berry was spotting taking her daughter Nahla to lunch.

They were joined by Halle's beau Olivier Martinez just a day after Nahla spent time with her dad Gabriel Aubry and a mystery woman.

Photos via Splash

YBF EXCLUSIVE: SHOCKING REVEAL! "Love & Hip Hop" Star Kimbella CLAIMS Erica Mena Is A Former STRIPPER & Gave ORAL SEX For $200 Bucks!

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 06:51 AM PST

"Love & Hip Hop" star Kimbella is speaking out against the hair-pulling chick Erica Mena.  She made shocking allegations that Erica is just a fame-hungry former stripper from the Valley. In fact, Kimbella claims Erica was stripping and sexing folks for money before she landed on VH1! And she says Erica INDEED called the cops. 


Our exclusive interview inside......

Kimbella Vanderhee, the controversial chick at the center of ALL the drama on "Love & Hip Hop," is telling her side of the story to TheYBF.com.  Kimbella gave her thoughts on her fights with Chrissy and Erica Mena, and revealed some shocking details about Erica's--like alleged stripping and sexing for money, doing "Love & Hip Hop" for free, and more.  Here's our chat....

YBF: Erica Mena has been popping off about your big fight this week. She seemed to start going in on you as soon as you opened you mouth and it was your first REAL time meeting?! She says a lot ended up on the cutting floor and the show was shaped to make her look like the bad guy. Do you agree? What's your side of the story?

Kimbella: I don’t agree. She is bi-polar. In fact, she is a crack whore and you will get to see it in the rest of the episodes brought to you by VH1! She is obviously embarrassed by her actions because she really got to see who “she” really is. She doesn’t know how to conduct herself as a lady and it showed. I basically I was attacked. I tried to stay classy but she tried my patience and crossed the line. It’s crazy to hear her blaming VH1 and not herself.Even the producers were dumbfounded when all this happened.

Did you know Erica before this?

No! What’s wrong with these women? What did I do to Chrissy or Erica for them to do this to me?
I don’t know her….and I haven’t heard anything great about her. The one thing I can tell you is that folks in the industry are saying before “Love & Hip Hop,” she was found stripping in the Valley and giving blow jobs for $200. So that is the career that me and VH1 are ruining?

So for the record--WHO WON THE FIGHT?

I’m not about that. We shouldn’t be fighting because we are both grown women. I’m not going to condone fighting.

Erica said she didn't call the cops. is this true? Were any police reports filed?

There is a police report filed. She did call the cops…and she was going to press charges (she didn’t). She called the cops because her face was cut. But wait, isn’t she from the Bronx but she's calling the po po!

There was a rumor that you and Erica and Kim were both--at the same time--sleeping with Chrissy's baby's daddy, rapper Fabolous, back in the day.  And that's supposedly why Erica has beef with you.  She's denied it.  Can you confirm or deny?

I have no idea what anybody is talking about.  I dated Fab three years ago…if she dated him three years ago....that's fine. 


Some people think she's just purposely causing drama to get a permanent slot on the show and make a name for herself. Do you agree?

Yes. And she wants to talk about me doing stuff for free? She’s not a cast member, so she’s not even getting paid to be on the shows!

Obviously, you're having a rough time getting along with the girls.  You had a fight on your very first episode of this season with Chrissy. Why is that?  And do you plan to do another season with these ladies?

I don’t know how to answer that. We had a lot of positive things go on but the producers chose to focus on the drama. I wish they would make it more even…a little bit of positive and a little drama. Why do they focus on the negativity?
They show one aspect of my life, which is the drama I go through with females that I don’t know. It’s always a problem!

You recently tweeted about pitching a LAHH spinoff to creator Mona Scott Young. What would the spinoff entail?

I can’t comment about that, but I’m always trying to venture out and do bigger things.


Watch "Love & Hip Hop" Mondays at 8pm on VH1.


COVER GIRLS: "Love & Hip Hop" Chicks Mashonda & Yandy Create EGL Magazine

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 04:55 AM PST

Looks like the "Love & Hip Hop" chicks are taking full advantage of their tv time and starting new ventures they can pub in between beat downs and catfights. 


Check out Yandy Smith's new magazine venture called EGL, where she ironically focuses on positivity, inside...

In between managing models and rappers and trying to break up fights, "Love & Hip Hop" star Yandy Smith started a new venture.  She says she's all about being a positive role model to women and young girls. So Yandy and her girlfriends have created their own magazine and jewel line called EGL.

To bring in the new year, she tapped singer/writer and fab chick Mashonda, former "Love and Hip Hop" castmate to be on the cover of her January 2012 issue (above).

Here's some behind the scenes and actual shots from the shoot with Yandy, Mashonda, and stylist Samantha Telfair, wife to basketball player Sebastian Telfair.  Plus a snippet of Mashonda's interview:

Loves Mashonda's look though.  She had a conversation with Yandy for her cover story:

So, tell us what life has been like after Love and Hip Hop?

"Life has been great, completely different to say the least. My reality on that show was authentic and totally real. I’m glad that segment of my life is over; it was very melancholic. Being on "Love and Hip Hop" opened my eyes to many things in my life, on and off the screen.

The moment you let go of whatever is negative in your life is the same moment you breathe.”



Dawn Richard's "S.M.F.U" Video Trailer

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 06:24 PM PST

Dawn Richard is giving us a visual for her "S.M.F.U. (Save Me From U)" track.  Check out the trailer for her upcoming video inside...

This is the first single and first vid off her upcoming GoldenHeart solo album.  The compelling track shows off Dawn's vocals she became known for in Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money

Here's the trailer to her upcoming Ev Salomon-directed video, releasing January 5th on BET's "106 & Park":


You feelin' it?

BIKINI FAB: Angela Simmons' Black & White Stripped Bikini

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 03:36 PM PST

Angela Simmons was spotted on the beaches of Miami yesterday wearing a striped string bikini.  See the pics inside...... 

Pastry owner Angela Simmons was spotted in Miami looking stunning as she showed off her bikini body.

24-year-old Angela also went jet-skiing during her day of water fun.

Photos via Splash

Justin Combs Turns 18....& Mama Misa Threatens The Cougars!

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 12:23 PM PST

It's official!  Diddy's oldest kid is now 18...and legal.  Cutie Justin Dior Combs is celebrating his b-day today, but his mom Misa Hylton put out a disclaimer to all the awaiting cougars.


Check it inside...plus all the baby pics she's been posting of her oldest son....

Misa Hylton's got a few words for y'all.  If you were watching the calendar for the day uber cutie Justin Combs turned legal--she's not having that foolery.  Misa tweeted this notice today:

@MsMisaHylton: Today my is my baby's 18th birthday! And I will still snap a Cougar's neck. Don't try me.

The funniest (and most ironic) response to the tweet?  Evelyn Lozada RT'ing it and saying:

#BOOM Thirsty hoes. 


Daddy Diddy tweeted his birthday wishes to his college football scholarship son:

Happy birthday to my 1st born!!! My prince! my best friend! And 1 of the Greatest kids in the world! Happy bday boy! Luv you! @JDior_

Nicki Minaj sent him a messagerecalling being his date for his MTV Super Sweet 16 episode almost 2 years ago:

@JDior_ memba wen I waz ya date boo boo? *bird voice* happy birthday sexy boyyyy!!! :)

And, like only moms can do, Misa tweeted out some of Justin's cutest baby pics (and a throwback of her and Diddy) and pics with his sister Chance and little brother Niko:

Awww.  Happy birthday Justin!


The Randomness:

1.  Russell Brand has filed for divorce from Katy Perry after just 1 year! STORY

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