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Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Adam Levine's Fiancée Reveals Pic Of Engagement Ring On Instagram, And That Adam Proposed On Bended Knee!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 12:50 PM PDT

Behati Prinsloo can always be a hottie, but now that she's voiced "yes" to The Voice's Adam Levine's proposal, she can be "happy!"

Ch-ch-check out the first photo Behati released on Instagram of her with the One Ring to Rule Them All Adam (ABOVE)!

Aw, he liked it AND he put a ring on it!

In a recent interview, the Victoria's Secret model said she the ring was "perfect."

On the proposal itself, she said it was very "old school" - was Adam like "we're going streaking?" LOL! But SRSLY, from what she said, it sounded super romantic:

"I am so happy and excited and still can't believe it's true! It was a one-knee thing! It was serious!"

Thankfully it wasn't a flash dance, or done at a pay phone trying to phone home! BTW where are the plans they made for two?

We don't know, ask their wedding planner! But really, don't. According to Behati, the singer-model combo are "just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment."

Live it up you two love birds!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jonas Brothers Get Found Making TV Debut Of Single — SEE and HEAR It HERE!!!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 12:41 PM PDT

We're TOTES jonesing for the Jonas Brothers' new album, V, but until we can put it on an endless loop this Fall, we're lapping up every drop of goodness from these boys that we can right now!!!

And it is DELISH!

Yesterday on Canada's MuchMusic, the tasty trio served up their NEW single from V, Found, giving it its debut on television, and played Pom Poms, which they released in the Spring.

With these two performances and yesterday's launch of their video for First Time, we are officially in JONAS BROTHERS BLISS!!!

Ch-ch-check 'em ouuttt above, and ...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

The Most Controversial Magazine Covers EVER!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 12:21 PM PDT

Rolling Stone is no stranger to printing controversial covers that get everyone talking. But did they go TOO far this week when they put accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev front and center?

The mag is being pulled from newsstands around the country because readers find it to be so offensive. So is THIS the most controversial cover in magazine history???

We'll let you decide!

Ch-ch-check out some of the most memorable front page shots that had the world up in arms when they hit store shelves!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever!"

[Image via Rolling Stone.]

Ryan Gosling Threw Knives At Kids!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 12:12 PM PDT

Um… well this is a bit unsettling.

Ryan Gosling, the man of our and everybody's dreams, is coming out with a new movie next month called Only God Forgives. Early reviews are saying this flick has even MORE onscreen violence than RyGos's 2011 blood bath blockbuster Drive!

But we've always wondered, how could someone as sweet as Ryan play such dark, twisted characters? Turns out, he's not as innocent as he looks!

When asked if he shared director Nicolas Winding Refn's penchant for graphic violence in film, Gosling gave an answer that must have had everyone scrambling to hide all of the sharp things! Ryan said:

"I was highly influenced by violence. When I was a kid I saw "Rambo First Blood" and the next day I took knives to school and threw them at everybody. So I was definitely influenced by violent films."

Oh… Hmm... That probably got him a few weeks detention!

Well, we hope now that Ry guy gets to get his aggression out on film, he doesn't actually act out in real life. Otherwise, we'd hate to run into Ryan on a bad day when he's holding a wrench…

Marina And The Diamonds Goes Au Natural With Her Lies!!!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 12:00 PM PDT

Attention Lonely Hearts Club!

Marina and The Diamonds has done it again!

The usually glammed up singer premiered her newest vid, Lies, and it's a totes different look than her usually kitschy glam goddessness!

In the video, the singer is emotionally stripped down with no makeup, and only accessorized by the signature heart on her left cheek!

Natural seXXXy!

Marina also took to Instagram yesterday to tease a mysterious project called, Eleven Diamonds!

What could this mean?!

A new album, song, tour?

Brb, losing control!!!

While we wait to find out what Eleven could be, ch-ch-check out Marina and The Diamonds emotional tune (above)!

Emma Roberts Predicted She Would 'Mess Up' During Nylon Sit Down About BF Evan Peters!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:50 AM PDT

WARNING: Not all starlets are as sweet as they seem!

Emma Roberts' sugary shell reportedly masks a salty center and she tried to tell us!

Just before her violent lover's quarrel with BF Evan Peters, the Nylon cover girl revealed that she would eventually screw up in the spotlight, she just didn't know how soon!

America's former girl next door told the mag:

"I can't say I'm never going to mess up, but if I do, I'll definitely be very sorry."

YUP. Based on the tears we saw flooding her BF's shoulder, she definitely looks like she's sorry.

At least she keeps her promises??! LOLz!

But just because Emma and Evan's relationship is on the fritz these days, doesn't mean they don't still love each other as much as the day they met.

Emma remembered:

"We first met at a dinner party, and then we worked together on a movie [Adult World], which we did not date during. We didn't get along, actually – he wouldn't speak to me. But it turned out that we both liked each other, so months later, we started dating, which worked out for the best."


So they've always had a love-hate kind of relationship??! Innneresting.

Let's just hope — for the sake of Emma's career and her relationship — being sorry also means such bad, BAD behavior will NEVER happen again.

[Image via WENN.]

Trayvon Martin's Parents Are 'Shocked' About Zimmerman's Acquittal As They Make First TV Appearance Since The End Of The Trial!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:43 AM PDT

While celebrities and average citizens alike have had really emotional reactions to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's parents have kept their silence on Sunday's verdict.

Until now, that is.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton finally spoke out about the not guilty verdict reached in the case against police officer George Zimmerman.

The divorced couple talked to Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and TODAY this morning, and will also speak in greater length to Anderson Cooper.

Tracy, Trayvon's father, when asked how he was processing the court's ruling, had this to say on TODAY:

"Still shocked, still in disbelief. We felt in our hearts that we were going to get a conviction. We thought that the killer of our unarmed child was going to be convicted of the crime he committed."

On Good Morning America, Sybrina, Trayvon's mom, was asked what she thought about those who said that Trayvon had a part to play in his own death, and answered saying this:

"...Trayvon was a teenager, so he probably thought as a teenager. I really do believe he was afraid because he called George Zimmerman 'creepy.'"

Our hearts go out to Tracy and Sybrina, and all of those who loved and knew Trayvon.

Ch-ch-check out the heart wrenching interviews from Good Morning America and TODAY (below).

So sad. No parent should have to bury their child.

[Image via HRC/WENN.]

One Direction's Harry Styles Preps For His Oscar Win With Best Song Ever's Best Character Yet!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:18 AM PDT

Academy, we hope you've begun the polish work on Harry Styles' future Oscar, because this boy has MOVIE STAR POTENTIAL written allll over that hot lil' bod of his!

Now that we've seen Liam Payne as a sweaty, retro sex god and Niall Horan as an intellectually stimulating businessman (ha), the Universe has bestowed upon us another present -- Harry as Marcel the Marketing Guy!

Ch-ch-check out the new teaser video ...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Harry tweeted that he could totally own marketing if the music thing didn't work out, but no... GET. INTO. ACTING!

[Image via Twitter.]

Beyoncé's Diamond Grill Is Making Us Bow Down! Watch Her NEW Clip HERE!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:10 AM PDT

Now we know where Sasha Fierce came from!

Beyoncé has released a video clip of her new single, Bow Down, and it's more than worthy of an obsession.

This Queen is one bada** lady, complete with a diamond-capped grill and drill commands at the ready:

"Bow down b***hes, bow bow down b***hes, Bow down b***hes, bow bow down b***hes, H-town vicious, h-h-town vicious I'm so crown, bow bow down b***hes."

Ch-ch-check out the clip ...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Nothing but attitude here! LOVES IT!

P.S. CLICK HERE to see Bey perform the track at her concert in Houston!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to see other celebs working them blinged-out grills!

[Image via Columbia.]

Emmy Nominations: Who Got Snubbed?! Find Out HERE!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 10:50 AM PDT

The 2013 Emmy nominations have been announced, but not everyone is happy with this year's spread.

American Horror Story is leading the pack with 17 nominations (which some consider to be too many as the show is treated both as a miniseries and a drama), but where are FX's OTHER dramas?

Justified and the under-seen The Americans were amazing this year! We totes expected Keri Russell to steal a nomination! And Timothy Olyphant to arrest her for it!

Game Of Thrones did well, but after the infamous Red Wedding episode, we thought for sure Michelle Fairley was a lock for a nod!

And speaking of the walking dead, why isn't anyone speaking of The Walking Dead? Zero zombie noms for the high-rated drama? They'll have to be satisfied with makeup we guess.

So will Rob Lowe, whose amazing plastic surgeon from Behind The Candelabra got no love either! Maybe the Academy didn't recognize him...

Just like they didn't recognize Mad Men for writing! For the first time since the show began, Matthew Weiner and company will just have to hope for Best Drama.

What did we miss? Did your fave shows get ignored this year?

[Image via FX.]

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